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How about Twitter in 2019? The current Twitter statistics for the third quarter of 2019 show a slight positive development in the development of Twitter user numbers.

With the Twitter user numbers, the focus was again put on the daily active and monetizable users. The so-called mDAUs you know from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Twitter had long focused on the monthly active users. However, with 145 million active users per day, Twitter is still well behind Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat, which grew faster than Twitter in the last quarter, for example.

Compared to Q3 2018, this represents an increase of 17% for the mDAUS. With this, Twitter is continuing its turnaround, can once again show user growth, but still has weak points.

Twitter statistics for 2019

All statistics come directly from Twitter

🐦  139 million active Twitter users per day (worldwide)

For daily users, Twitter has grown 17% yoy. Within the third quarter of 2019, Twitter gained 6 million new users.

The plus of 6 million users is a positive development for Twitter. Although growth was stronger in Q1 2019, it was a good development after the sobering figures of 2018.

In the last twelve months, Twitter has gained 21 million new users.

Twitter statistics 2019 user numbers

Another note about the 145 million users. Twitter speaks of “monetizable”. So people who can be played, for example, ads. Then there are of course still users of Tweetdeck and Co., who just see no ads and thus are not “monetizable”. The number of active Twitter users is thus higher than the 145 million people. But how accurate it is difficult to answer.

(Thanks for the note Bernd Vehlow )

🐦  330 million active Twitter users per month (Q 1 worldwide)

In the fourth quarter of 2018, there were 321 million users. Thus Twitter gains 9 million users, but remains below the value of 336 million users from the first quarter of 2018.

Twitter has (still) not communicated a current value for the second quarter of 2019, because one concentrates on the daily active users.

Twitter statistics-user numbers Development-2019

🐦 115 million active users outside the US (worldwide)

International was able to win over 17 million new users in 12 months. Thus, much of the quarterly growth is due to international users.

🐦 The daily use of Twitter increased by 17% in 2019

Growth in the third quarter of 2018 was 8% year-on-year.

🐦 In the US, daily users grew 4 million year-over-year

30 million people use Twitter every day in the US

🐦  Cost of Interaction with Twitter Ads decreased by 4% in 2019

Video Website Cards and In-Stream Pre-Roll Ads are the most successful formats for Twitter.

🐦  $ 702 million Twitter has implemented ads

This Twitter could not increase its advertising revenues in comparison to the third quarter. On the contrary. The generated revenues were $ 25 million lower.

Add $ 121 to the licensing of data. Ad revenues are above the third quarter of 2018, but the development is far from satisfactory for Twitter. In Q4 2018 it was already $ 909 million.

🐦  Twitter was able to increase its total revenue by 9%

Total Twitter revenue increased 18% year-on-year to $ 841 million.

🐦  Twitter video ads generate over half of ad revenue

Like on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, video ads are the drivers of the ad business. (Q4 2018).

In particular, Video Website Cards, In-Stream Video Ads, and First View Ads are boosting ad revenue.

🐦  $ 358 million generated Twitter outside the US

With $ 358 million, Twitter has generated significantly less revenue outside the US. Japan remains a very important market, contributing $ 129 million to total sales.

🐦  Twitter has over 4,400 employees

The number of Twitter employees has increased by 200 people in one quarter.

🐦  The number of spam and suspicious content has dropped by 18%

This point is one of the top priorities of Twitter.

In the conversation on Twitter. “Health is our top priority, from a mindset and resourcing perspective, as we continue to work on helping people find credible information.

🐦  Less than 5% of registered accounts should be spam accounts

Twitter is very active in this field and has been able to reduce the number of spam accounts by 20%. (Q4 2018)

🐦  9% of all English-language tweets exhaust the 140 character limit completely

In September 2017, Twitter launched a test with 280 characters.

🐦  Fun Fact: Since 2014 Twitter has calculated its growth and its absolute user numbers incorrectly

User numbers from Q2 2017 were reduced by 2% users. The communication of the monthly active users is stopped.

🐦  Twitter invested $ 146 million in research and development in the first quarter

Spending on sales and marketing is $ 206 million. An increase of 16%.

🐦  96 million hours of live streaming via Periscope (from 2018)

Twitter also relies on livestreaming and extrapolated Periscope should come to over 400 million hours of live streaming in 2017.

🐦 Hashtags have been on Twitter since summer 2007

On 23 August 2019 Twitter hashtags celebrated their tenth anniversary.

The 145 million daily active users are another positive development for Twitter. The quarterly report repeatedly emphasizes that Twitter is still in a phase of upheaval. It focuses on four areas: health (fight against spam and fake news, data security), conversation (dialogue and user activity on Twitter), revenue (expansion of advertising platform and strengthening sales) and the platform itself.

The development of ad sales will cause Twitter headaches. As a rule, the fourth quarter of a year is the strongest in sales. Twitter must convince here in the upcoming quarterly report and let forget the disappointing numbers.

With the new camera and twttr, the test environment of Twitter, there are two central components that should and will shape the future of Twitter.